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ZimKaffee - Sustainability Goals

Our Sustainability Goals

We want to provide you with freshly roasted single-origin coffee that connects you to your coffee farmer and contributes to sustainable livelihoods for them and our planet.

Whenever possible, which sometimes we find difficult since we are still a very, very small business, we work with recyclable and planet-friendly materials.


March 2023

All local deliveries within a 5km radium from our location will now be delivered by eBike. This change is a part of our ongoing commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices. We understand that transportation is a significant contributor to greenhouse gas emissions, and we are dedicated to doing our part in reducing these emissions.


October 2022


Though our size doesn't always allow us to influence our partners to be more sustainable, it doesn't stop us from regularly reviewing the options available to us and, when possible, making changes so that we reduce our overall negative footprint on the world.

As of October 2022, all our orders will either be delivered without packaging or in the packaging described below:

Our Packaging:

We typically avoid using plastic in general, even the recyclable type, since we don't like the emissions this causes, but we can't yet completely take it out of our products entirely.


Contact Us

As an organization, we are eager and welcome any feedback and suggestions that anyone might have for us to still be able to provide you with our coffee but be much more sustainable, directly at

As we make improvements and changes that showcase all the things we are doing as an organization to be sustainable, we will be sure to highlight, in addition to shouting out the people that engage with us directly on our social media pages @zimkaffee.