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With that in mind, we are committed to providing you with the highest quality coffee that we can source as we work on fulfilling our mission which is to change the narrative about Zimbabwe and Africa in general

We are a very small highly specialised hard working family run business with less than 10 employees in addition to contractors needed in the production lifecycle that we work with to deliver our customer the high quality coffee we provide you with. 
As a business we are striving to push the boundaries set before us as we work to put Zimbabwean and African  Coffee in general on the world stage without leaving and ignoring the progress and and implementing the  developments that have been made within our home country Switzerland keeping a strong emphasis on sustainability
On One of our Coffee Adventures
Freshly picked Zimbabwean coffee cherries that are then washed, sun dried, shipped to Switzerland, roasted to order and packaged, ground to turn into the heavenly liquid you all know and love.
Providing you with a single origin arabica coffee Medium, Medium-Dark and Dark Roasted full beans and ground.
Sourced Directly from the farmers in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe
We work really hard to try make sure we that we are sustainable so try using as little plastic as possible in our products in addition to using recyclable packaging. If you have any questions about our coffee or how we directly source it from the farmers then contact us via email social media @zimkaffee or using the contact form provided.