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Authentic African Coffee, Every Sip.

High quality coffee beans from African sources that focus on Quality rather Quantity.

Our <highly rated> coffees stands out for its exceptional quality and taste, as well as its rarity and exclusivity

Uganda - Filter Roast

ROASTED AT ORIGIN, Highly aromatic, sustainably grown, and carefully roasted by Uganda's first roaster truly making a impact to the local community.

Zimbabwe - Espresso Roast

100% Arabica beans sourced from Zimbabwe, this coffee is a modern espresso roast representing specialty coffee and a different taste from what you will traditionally find in your average coffee shop.

Tanzania+ | Espresso Roast

A high-quality Robusta blend coffee beans= from Tanzania blended with our Zimbabwean Arabica coffee giving it a full-bodied flavour with notes of chocolate, nuts, and honey, and a spicy wine-like aftertaste

Did You Know

Coffee begins to lose flavour just ten minutes after grinding. By the time pre-grounded coffee is packaged, shipped, purchased, and then used in your home, several days have gone by. This results in coffee tasting sour, weak, and nothing like your favourite café's signature roast. Get the tools you need to make the most of the coffee you get...

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12 Months of Delicious Coffee & More

12 Months of Delicious Coffee & More

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