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The SwissInfo article on Zimbabwe Coffee Industry

The SwissInfo article on Zimbabwe Coffee Industry

Jul 3, 2023 (Updated on Aug 19, 2023)

SwissInfo Article

Reading this article first posted by SwissInfo was interesting and showcases the reason why Zimkaffee Switzerland GmbH is now a company. Anyways to sumarise the new information in it... 


The coffee industry in Zimbabwe faced a collapse in 2000 due to forced evictions of white coffee farmers. However, with the support of Nestlé's Nespresso brand, coffee production is on the rise once again. Nespresso's Tamuka MuZimbabwe program, launched in 2019, aims to revive coffee growing in the country. It provides training, technical assistance, premium prices, and infrastructure investment to farmers. Through this initiative, farmers like David Muganyura have seen their output and profitability increase significantly. Nespresso's involvement falls under its AAA Sustainable Quality program, which seeks to rebuild sustainable coffee production globally. The Zimbabwe government also has plans to boost coffee output and establish a sustainable funding model for the industry.

The work been done be researcher Caleb Mahoya (whose papers we are trying to get a hold) of is beyond instrumental in the survival of the coffee industry in Zimbabwe. 

Anyways  bit more digestible information on the article :

In the face of adversity and years of decline, Zimbabwe's coffee industry is making a remarkable comeback. Thanks to the support of Nestlé's Nespresso brand and its Tamuka MuZimbabwe program, coffee farmers in the country are experiencing newfound hope and prosperity. This initiative, part of Nespresso's broader AAA Sustainable Quality program, aims to revive high-quality coffee production in regions affected by various challenges. By partnering with local organizations, Nespresso is providing training, technical assistance, and premium prices to smallholder farmers, ultimately rekindling the once-flourishing coffee industry in Zimbabwe.


Reviving Zimbabwe's Coffee Industry:

Twenty-three years ago, the forced evictions of white coffee farmers in Zimbabwe led to the collapse of the coffee industry. However, recent efforts have seen a resurgence in coffee production, thanks to Nespresso's support. The Tamuka MuZimbabwe program, launched in 2019, focuses on reviving coffee growing in the country and has had a profound impact on the lives of farmers like David Muganyura.


David Muganyura's Success Story:

David Muganyura, a veteran coffee farmer who had suffered significant losses due to the forced evictions, was among the first to join Nespresso's initiative. Through training provided by Nespresso and local partner TechnoServe, Muganyura doubled his coffee output and earned approximately $10,000 in the first year alone. This success has allowed him to invest in other farming projects, provide healthcare for his family, repay loans, and settle debts.


Nespresso's Support and the AAA Sustainable Quality Program:

Nespresso's involvement in Zimbabwe's coffee industry extends beyond its immediate impact on individual farmers. The company's Tamuka MuZimbabwe program falls under the AAA Sustainable Quality program, which aims to revive coffee production in regions affected by conflict, economic challenges, or environmental disasters. By establishing long-term partnerships with farmers and communities, Nespresso is rebuilding sustainable coffee production not only in Zimbabwe but also in other countries such as Colombia, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Uganda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Challenges and Future Outlook:

While Nespresso's initiative has brought about positive changes for coffee farmers in Zimbabwe, challenges remain. Constant reviewing of the market price of coffee beans is necessary to ensure it aligns with the cost of production. Additionally, the government's role in supporting the industry and establishing a sustainable funding model is crucial. Farmers also face uncertainties due to legal obligations to cede a percentage of their earnings to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.



Nespresso's support has breathed new life into Zimbabwe's coffee industry, empowering farmers and revitalizing the once-flourishing sector. Through training, technical assistance, and premium prices, Nespresso is playing a pivotal role in the revival of coffee production in the country. The partnership between Nespresso, local organizations, and farmers is a testament to the power of sustainable collaborations and the hope is the future for Zimbabwean coffee industry will only get better over time and companies like ours start to mature and look to make an impact. 


Details of the article can be found by doing a quick Google search on "SwissInfo Zimbabwe Coffee"