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Upcoming Events 

MasterClass - Zimbabwean Coffee - Sept 2nd, 2023. 8045 Zürich. 

3-hour masterclass !

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 During this session and we will have several coffee breaks & tastings and the event will focus on

  • Improving your general knowledge about coffee (difference between Arabica and Robusta...) and how coffee is processed (washed, natural, honey...) 
  • The versatility of a coffee bean from a single farm and how it can be roasted differently impacting the taste completely
  • The effect that grinding the coffee has on your coffee
  • Demonstrate the different coffee preparation methods to get the most out of your coffee bean (Filter Roast, Espresso Roast...) 
  • Taste coffees prepared using different methods (French Press, V60, Bialetti, Espresso machine and Milk based) 
  • You will also receive a sample pack to take home with you. 

 Past Events last few weeks

 Master Class - Zimbabwean Coffee - April 1st, 2023. 8045 Zürich. 

Master Class - Zimbabwean Coffee - March 4th, 2023. 8045 Zürich. 

2-hour master class for the price of two espresso (and yes there will be more than one coffee to taste) about Zimbabwean Specialty Coffee, led by none other than our founder, Tawanda Choruma, brought to you by Zimkaffee Switzerland GmbH!


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