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Brewing with a Bialetti coffee machine or a Moka Pot


Here are suggestion on how we think the is the best way to  brewed with a Bialetti coffee machine or a Moka Pot to get the best flavor from it. 

This goes particularly well with our Zimbabwe - Espresso Roast 

Makes: 2 strong cups (if using a 200g / 7 oz) capacity pot.
Brew ratio: 1:5 (200g / 7 oz : 1 litre / 1.75 pints)
  1. Fill the bottom chamber with clean water (200g / 200ml)
  2.  Weigh and grind 40g coffee and place it in the filter
  3. Place the Moka pot on a medium heat. As the water boils, the coffee starts to appear. You can control the rate by lowering the temperature on the stove, which in turn controls extraction.
  4. Listen and look out for any bubbling - this indicates the steam is coming through, and at this point, you can turn the heating off.
  5. Quickly run cold water over the outside of the pot to halt the brewing process.
  6. Serve the coffee after  allowing it to cool a little before tasting. 
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