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Brewing with a All-in-One Espresso Machine


Here's a step-by-step guide on one way we think allows you to get the most out of a all-in-one espresso machine. These are machines like the super popular

  • SAGE the Barista Express 
  • DELONGHI La Specialista
  • ... 

For this article we will be focusing on making an espresso, which goes particularly well with ZimKaffee's Zimbabwe - Espresso Roast

Its worth noting that while many specialty shops around the world use between 16-19 grams of coffee for espresso (yielding 32-38 grams of liquid), traditional Italian cafes (which roast their bean significantly darker than we do) use about 7 grams of coffee that result in a 21 gram single shot of espresso. 
As our bean has scored highly when graded and is in the specialty category, we recommend using about 16-19 grams of Coffee when making an Espresso, but this can be adjusted to match your taste. 
  1. Fill the water tank of your all-in-one coffee maker with fresh, cold water.

  2. Turn on the coffee maker and let it heat up. It's best to allow the machine to fully heat up before starting the brewing process. 

  3. While the machine is heating up, measure out the amount of coffee you'll need. For a single shot of espresso, we recommend using approximately 16 grams of coffee beans. For a double shot, use around 19 grams.

  4. Once the coffee maker has heated up, add the beans to the hopper and set the grind size to the appropriate setting

  5. Press the button to start the grinding process and let the machine grind the beans.

  6.  Remove the portafilter from the machine and tamp the coffee grounds down evenly and firmly. We recommended using a tamper for the best results. 

  7. Return the portafilter to the machine and start the brewing process. If your machine has a pre-infusion feature, use it to wet the coffee grounds before brewing.

  8. The ideal brewing time for espresso is between 20-30 seconds. If your machine has a timer or a gauge, use it to ensure that the shot is brewed for the right amount of time.

  9. When the shot is finished brewing, you should have a rich and flavorful espresso. Serve it immediately in a preheated espresso cup and enjoy!

Remember to clean your machine after use to ensure it stays in good working condition and continues to produce high-quality coffee.

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