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Coffee degassing

Coffee degassing

Nov 17, 2023

Coffee degassing

Coffee degassing is a fascinating process that occurs after the beans are roasted. To simplify this concept, let's imagine coffee beans as small balloons. When we roast these beans, it's like blowing up balloons at a party – they get all excited and filled with gas. Now, just as we need a moment to catch our breath after running around, coffee beans need some time to settle down.

So, after the roasting party, the beans are full of extra gas and energy. But for the coffee to taste its best, these beans need a little rest. This resting period is what we call "degassing." It's like the beans taking a nap to calm down and get ready for the important job of making a delicious cup of coffee.
During degassing, the beans release the extra gas they absorbed during the roasting process. It's their way of getting comfortable and prepared to be brewed into a tasty beverage. Just like how we feel better after a good rest, coffee beans become more relaxed and ready to bring out their fantastic flavors.
So, in simple terms, coffee degassing is like the beans having a little quiet time to settle down after a lively roasting party. This way, they're in the best shape to give us a wonderful and flavorful cup of coffee when we decide to brew them. Cheers to the magic of coffee and its unique journey from roasting excitement to a well-deserved rest before brewing! P. S. A Chatgpt article